1、We cannot ignore the fact that我们不能忽略这个事实

2、No one can deny the fact that没人能否认这个事实

3、This is a phenomenon that many people are interested in.

4、be closely related to ~~ (与...息息相关)


1:We should take some effective measures.我们应该采取有效措施

2:We should try our best to overcome/conquer the difficulties.我们应该尽最大努力去克服困难

3:We should do our utmost in doing sth.我们应该尽力去做

4:We should solve the problems that we are confronted/faced with.我们应该解决我们面临的困难


1:The reason why + 句子 ~~~ is that + 句子 (...的原因是...)

2:This phenomenon exists for a number of reasons .First,.Second,.Third,。这一现象存在有很多原因的,第一第二第三

3:For one thing, For another thing, ==On the one hand,On the other hand一方面另一方面

4:I quite agree with the statement thatThe reasons are chiefly as follows.我十分赞同这一论述,即。其主要原因如下。


1:From my point of view, it is more reasonable to support the first opinion rather than the second.(在我看来,支持第一种观点比第二种更有道理)

2:I cannot entirely agree with the idea that(我无法完全同意这一观点)

3:As far as I am concerned/In my opinion,(就我来说)

4:I sincerely believe that==I am greatly convinced (that)子句.(我真诚地相信)

5:Finally, to speak frankly, there is also a more practical reason why (最后,坦率地说,还有另外一个实际的原因)


1:Peoples views onvary from person to person. Some hold thatHowever, others believe that(人们对的观点因人而异,有些人认为然而其他人却认为)

2:People may have different opinions on(人们对可能会持有不同见解)

3:Attitudes towards...vary from person to person.==Different people hold different attitudes towards...(人们对待吸毒的态度因人而异)

4:There are different opinions among people as to(对于人们的观点大不相同)


It is well know to us that the proverb: ___谚语_______ has a profound significance and value not only in our job but also in our study. It means ____谚语的含义_______. The saying can be illustrated through a series of examples as follows. ( also theoretically )

A case in point is ___例子一______. Therefore, it is goes without saying that it is of great of importance to practice the proverb ____谚语_____.

With the rapid development of science and technology in China, an increasing number of people come to realize that it is also of practical use to stick to the saying: ____谚语_____. The more we are aware of the significance of this famous saying, the more benefits we will get in our daily study and job.


A Curse Can Be a Blessing in Disguise

A famous saying goes that A curse can be a blessing in disguise. Simple as the saying is, its meaning is profound and thought什么样的儿童英语培训机构培养孩子语言认知fshuamiao.c/o/m,学习兴趣,以及口语发音最好呢?-provoking. Evidently, it is meant to tell us that unfavorable conditions can one day prove to be favorable ones ant that we should not be indulged in depression after we have met setbacks.

Actually, history abounds with examples to prove this saying. Taking a look around, we can also find examples too many to enumerate. Here I can think of no better illustration of the proverb than the experience of my own. Though performing well enough in the college entrance exam, I was only provided with the opportunity to enroll in a second-class university. However, I did not lose my heart. Instead, I found the remoteness and quietness of the campus a favorable condition for my study. In terms of English, I have passed CET-4 with a high score. Now I believe I can do the same with my CET-6.

Bringing what has been discussed into a conclusion, we may say that a curse can also turn into a blessing. So, one should not indulge himself in bitterness and complaint after he meets setbacks. What he really has to do is to seek opportunities and turn adversities into favorable conditions. In a word, we should truly understand the profound meaning of the proverb and take the right actions in our life and work in the future.


1. It is good to learn at another mans cost. 前车之鉴。

2. The specter sees most clearly. 旁观者清。

3. Prevention is better than cure. 预防胜于治疗。

4. The older, the wiser. 年岁增长智慧。

5. A pet lamp makes a cross ram. 宠坏的羔羊会变成恶羊。

6. The loss outweighs the gain. 得不偿失。

7. No sweet without sweat. 苦尽甘来。

8. Rome wasnt built in a day. 罗马不是一天建成的。

9. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. 有志者事竟成。

10. Bend the willow while it is still young. 修树要趁早,育人要趁小。

11. Courage and resolution are the spirit and soul of virtue. 勇敢和坚决是美德的灵魂。

12. The path to glory is always rugged. 光荣之路常坎坷。

13. Nothing is difficult to the man who will try. 世上无难事,只要人肯试。

14. The fire is the test of gold; adversity of strong man. 烈火试真金,困苦炼壮士。

15. Great hopes make great man. 远大的希望造就伟大的人物 。

16. No way is impossible to courage. 勇士面前无险路。

17. A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner. 平静的大海决不能造就出熟练的水手。

18. We must not lie down, and cry God help us. 求神不如求己。

19. Step by step the ladder is ascended. 登梯需要逐级登。

20. Adversity leads to prosperity. 困苦通向昌盛。

21. Patience and application will carry us through. 忍耐和专心会使我们渡过难关 。

22. Fortune often rewards with interest those that have patience to wait for her. 做事只要有耐心,到头总会有好运;耐心候好运,好运常会来。


1. There is absolutely no reason for us to believe that a brighter future for the world is an impossibility .


2. Meteorologists offer computer models leaving little doubt that this years El Nino phenomenon has disappeared .


3. Facts prove the unjustifiability of claims that China will be unable to feed itself by the year 2020 .


4. Previous explanations of the rising divorce rate in China are simply untenable . The fact is that many marriages were simply based on convenience and wives are no longer willing to accept the abusive domineering attitudes of husbands .


5. Claim that entering the Chinese market offers foreign companies an immediate road to profits are grossly misstated and have been proven wrong time and again . The key to entering China rests with the phraseology vast potential market , and how long one is willing to wait for returns .


6.When asked about the ongoing uproar involving U.S. President Bill Clinton, most people韦总的英语为什么这么好www后来才知道.sz在lasiji.这com里学习的大家也可以去试试啊。 say the affair involves a purely private matter . But many other people regard his actions as deplorable . I personally think the president committed impeachable offences .


7. When it comes to the increasing use of motor vehicles in Beijing, some people think that use should be limited . Others argue that the opposite is true . There is probably some truth to both arguments,but emission controls must be instituted regardless of the number of vehicles.


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